What I currently do

I create music, then release it for sale on iTunes/Bandcamp etc, which means that when you want to buy one of my songs,
it costs you around £1/$1 per track (not a bad deal, but it could be even better for you).

What I would like to do

Ask you, my supporters, to pledge just $2 a month on Patreon so that I can create music and release it directly to you!
In exchange for your monthly $2 pledge, you will receive at least 1 new track every week.

How you can do this

There is a website set up exactly for this purpose, its called Patreon, and here is my page:

All you have to do is click HERE and select the $2 option, from here you will sign up to pledge $2 per month.
Once your first months pledge has been received, you get instant access to at least 8 track downloads on my
Patreon page that only the people that donate get to see, plus every week I will make another download available!

You are also free to use any tracks received as a patron for your Youtube videos under my standard usage terms.

Thank you for your support!

Alternatively, you could be really kind
and buy me a delicious Donut:

Or use my Affiliate link when you
purchase anything from Amazon: