What I currently do

I create music, then release it for sale on iTunes/Bandcamp etc, which means that when you want to buy one of my songs,
it costs you around £1/$1 per track (not a bad deal, but it could be even better for you).

What I would like to do

Ask you, my supporters, to pledge just $2 a month on Patreon so that I can create music and release it directly to you!
In exchange for your monthly $2 pledge, you will receive at least 1 new track every week.

How you can do this

There is a website set up exactly for this purpose, its called Patreon, and here is my page:

All you have to do is click HERE and select the $2 option, you will then sign up to pledge $2 per month.
Once your first months pledge has been received, you get instant access to at least 10 track downloads on my
Patreon page that only the people that donate get to see, plus every week I will make another download available!


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